odd man out.

Those who know me only through this blog may not have picked up on the double meaning of my first post’s title, “Coming Out.”  It told the story of the first time I came out to a close friend, but its publication also marked my formal coming out, the day I stopped asking friends and family to keep my orientation secret.

I published that post about ten months ago, and in light of all the pride events we attended in Chicago this weekend, I spent some time reflecting on what it’s been like for me to be out and how I still struggle to discern how upfront I should be or want to be about my orientation.  (I raised many of these questions in a post here called “Pride.”)  Those reflections led to my new post over at The Marin Foundation blog, “To Know and Be Known,” which I encourage you to read.  I’m especially curious to hear how those who are or are not out in conservative Christian environments react to it.

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