odd man out.

After a long stretch of prayer, emails, phone calls, generous gifts, and a very early morning plane ride, I’m happy to say I returned to Chicago two weeks ago in order to spend a second summer working with The Marin Foundation. (For some background on The Marin Foundation, see the series of posts I wrote last summer chronicling my internship experience, or see the post I wrote in February announcing my plans to return to Chicago. You can also visit The Marin Foundation’s website¬†or blog, where I contribute a post each month.)

As I did last summer, I plan to write occasional posts reflecting on my experiences here over the next few months. My hope is that, in addition to giving me space to explore and discuss what I’m seeing and learning, these stories will provide some inspiration and ideas for those of you who want to pursue reconciliation with Christians or LGBT individuals in your own life. The work is difficult and very, very beautiful, and I’m hopeful this might give you ideas on how to start.

Like always, I welcome prayer on my behalf. Thanks for reading about this exciting season of my life!

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