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Big announcement! One of my major roles this summer is to help prepare for and participate in teaching The Marin Foundation’s continuing education classes, which they offer for people who want to learn more about the LGBT community, Scripture interpretation, and practical tips for building bridges across the cultural divide between Christians and sexual minorities. These classes are open to anyone (ministers, parents, LGBT individuals, etc.) who wants knowledge and tools that will help them work toward reconciliation and dialogue in their own context.

The classes take place at TMF’s offices in Chicago, and you can either take it as a weekend course (with two options in July) or over a series of three Thursday nights (also in July). For more information about the course content, scheduling, and cost, click here.

I’m looking forward to helping facilitate these classes and believe they’ll be  tremendously beneficial for people looking to serve as bridge builders wherever they are. If you’re in the Chicago area or don’t mind making a trip, join us!

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